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Smart Transport Management Systems

The transport systems management and control solutions provide the infrastructure for the transport system or vehicle.
Working closely with the vehicle's own computing system, KlugTech uses its EMAH™ platform to create a basis for
managing all systems securely.

The Kawe Transport Management™ module control systems can coordinate the following systems:

  • Climate/environmental controls in the vehicle, including comfort zones. These zones can also be automated to
    adjust to external factors and the journey itself
  • Security/access - to the vehicle, the passengers and the systems
  • Lighting and blinds. Similar to the domestic systems, controlling the light levels and the being able to shade the
    interior to maximize comfort and reduce energy
  • Entertainment - linking radio, video/gaming (when and where applicable) and links to music/gaming servers
  • Information - links to information services, GPS and communications
  • Health and wellbeing of the vehicle and its passengers
  • Power usage and back-up systems for the vehicle
  • Communications - system and telephony

Other systems integrated into the EMAH™ manage the security and device management, using the SEMI™ and DOMIS

Computer Management Systems

The core of the EMAH™ is the central computer, which our systems isolate from external influences, whilst providing a
control platform to co-ordinate the other services, modules and systems. The interfaces - Gadi Vehicle Control™ and
CERIS™ - allow a safe user-friendly access for the authorized users to manipulate and control the system.

The Jnaana Intelligence Engine™ - the module that allows the EMAH™ to learn from the usage and preferences of the
main passengers. This can both save energy usage (and therefore money), and provide increased comfort for the passengers.

The computer hardware includes all the cameras and sensors needed for the systems to monitor and control the environment.
There is a range of sensors available, either as separates or combined units. Depending on your specifications, all sensor units
will be linked to the central EMAH™, and controlled through a single interface.

EMAH™ also controls the devices that are connected to and within the system. These are controlled by the DOMIS™ that will communicate with other systems, modules and sensors to ensure that no devices are left on, wasting energy and money.


The key interfaces for the EMAH™ are the Gadi Vehicle Control™ and CERIS™. KlugTech has developed the Gadi Vehicle Control™ as the operating system to manage all the connected systems and devices in your vehicle. We have devoted a great deal of effort and development time into the security of your smart transport environment, and the controlling computer. The last thing you want is for your own system to get hacked and taken over.

CERIS™ is the main Human-to-Machine (H2M) interface and provides each authorized user with a keypad and/or voice activated means of controlling the EMAH™.

The interaction with CERIS™ can also include remote control via mobile Apps and a voice interface via mobile phones or smart watches. Security is paramount in this situation, but we have a number of security levels that keep unwanted intruders well away from your systems and premises. The voice interface within the transport environment also provides a biometric security methodology, allowing access to rooms, doorways, even systems.

To find out how KlugTech can help you control your transport systems, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.

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