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Smart Vehicle Solutions

Vehicle systems are increasingly computer controlled, and the connectivity of vehicles is causing some concern
because of the possibility of hijacking by hackers. The KlugTech solutions use the Maru Security Net™ that
isolate vital vehicle systems so that they cannot be programmed or reprogrammed by any connected system,
integral to the Gadi Vehicle Control™ module.

The KlugTech vehicle systems solutions operate in the following areas:

Smart vehicle logoSecurity: including the vehicle security, its systems and communications systems (telephone
and information/data).

Environment: the environmental friendliness of the vehicle is beyond our influence, but we
can use intelligent systems to review the weather, traffic flow (and congestion), and route

Route Planning: optimization - alternatives, economy and time management.

Driver Safety: collision avoidance, heads-up displays, monitoring and control.

Comfort: climate control, ride comfort and entertainment system control.

Engine: monitoring and systems control.

Brakes: monitoring, control and efficiency.

Electrical Systems: monitoring, control and efficiency. Also linked to transmission/engine for electric and hybrid

Fuel Management: usage, flow and economy.

Transmission/Control Surfaces: monitoring, control and efficiency.

Specific solutions have been developed for the following vehicles:

  • Smart private car solutions (KlugPKW™)
  • Smart truck solutions (KlugLKW™)
  • Smart bus solutions (KlugPCV™)
  • Smart aircraft solutions (KlugAir™)
  • Smart rail solutions (KlugRail™)
  • Smart shipping solutions (KlugShip™)

For corporate fleet managers, we have also developed the Kantai Fleet Management™ module.

For more information on how KlugTech vehicle systems can help your developments - contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.

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