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Smart Transport Security Control

The transport security management systems control the safety and security of the operators and
passengers of the vehicle, and of the vehicle itself.

Security iconMuch has been written about the 'dangers' of connected vehicles, with hackers
having the ability to turn the braking system off, or setting the throttle at maximum.
Experts are claiming this is possible, and has been done under test conditions, but
nothing has seemingly been proven. Our systems look to isolate the systems from
such external influences.

The Security and Environmental Management Intelligence™ (SEMI™) security
system protects the key systems in and around the vehicle, the Maru Security Net
providing the isolation from external influence from the Internet.

Whether the vehicle is a 'connected' bicycle, or a commercial aircraft costing millions of dollars, our
systems are designed to keep them operating perfectly and safe from danger.

Vehicle Security

Through the use of sensors, cameras, ambient intelligence (AmI) and artificial intelligence (AI)
systems, KlugTech can create a system enhancement that helps vehicle manufacturers add levels
of protection to the existing systems.

The SEMI™ security interface, and Device Optimization and Management Interactive Systems™
(DOMIS™) device management system is enhanced by the Kawe Transport Management
module to keep the vehicle free from external influence, and if entered and accessed illegally, can
also disable the vehicle and its systems. In addition to securing the vehicle and its authorized users,
we have developed the KT-Anti-Theft System™ (KT-ATS™) that uses smart sensors to ensure that
nobody adds to the load, or removes goods - this is particularly sensitive for haulers in danger of
unintentional stowaway immigrants.

In many cases we think of cars when we are talking of these vehicles, but it can also include trains,
buses, aircraft and boats.

Network Security

The Kawe Transport Management™ module extends its influence to the transport network – roads, tracks and lanes. Whilst there are many systems that do monitor networks adequately, few take a big picture of environmental, schedule and security factors into consideration.

By incorporating the AmI and AI into the decision-making, we can provide smart, learning systems that can speed up decision-making, and take multiple feeds into the algorithms faster than human input.

The DOMIS™ also combines with the Teho Power Management™ module to ensure that the power is uninterrupted wherever possible, closing unused or unimportant systems to conserve power, and switching to back-up systems as required.

Payment systems are also being developed to allow the vehicle owner to automatically pay for tolls, parking, etc., notified in advance, but without the need to scramble for coins. The system can also ensure that the owner isn’t charged for overstaying in a parking space – either by a notification to return to the vehicle, or an automated top-up payment. The Tasa Payment System™ is the module we have created for this purpose.

For more information on the Kawe Transport Management™ module and its security features, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.

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