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Smart Transport Infotainment Control

The combination of information and entertainment means that we can utilize the same delivery and collection
interfaces, and provides vital and soothing feeds to a room, workstation or zone within the vehicle or network.

Infotainment iconVehicles and transport networks are extremely complex, and becoming more so. As a result
information control and management is vital in increasing safety and security for the vehicles,
passengers and pedestrians.

There have been unsubstantiated reports in the press that smart systems within cars and
aircraft could be hijacked by a hacker to take over the vehicle, causing an accident. Because
more and more vehicles had systems connected to the Internet, this is not beyond belief.

The KlugTech Kawe Transport Management™ module separates the vehicle's vital systems from interference, but
still allows the beneficial online connectivity. This means that on-board systems can still work well with up-to-date
mapping information systems, such as traffic flow, weather or fuel levels, without any outside interference in the
critical systems.

Our solution combines the necessary information feeds, from the vehicle and transport network, and the entertainment
solutions to keep passengers entertained throughout the journey.

Entertainment systems are also important in modern transport, with rich media radio a regular feature in most cars, and
increasingly important for rail travelers. At present commercial aircraft serve their own entertainment, but it could be
possible to access pre-approved entertainment sites, reducing costs for the airlines, and increasing choice.


The transport solutions do not limit themselves to the vehicles; we have developed the transportation and logistics
ecosystem to make the connectivity work across the board.

Connectivity is also an important factor controlled by the Kawe Transport Management™ module, and links to our
Wiatrak Power Generator™ solution that can power mobile/Wi-Fi masts alongside roads and railways. This means
that customers can stay connected for services such as email and web browsing (if applicable and safe), and any on-
board systems requiring a live data feed has almost uninterrupted connectivity.


We believe that providing the operators of vehicles and managers of the networks with the real-time feeds from multiple sources, delivered in an understandable, user-friendly manner, safety can be improved.

For travelers - because the Environmental Management and Activity Hub™ (EMAH™) central control system knows your destination (as loaded into your Personal Information Manager – PIM), and reason for the journey, the system can be updated to adjust recommended route adjustments – via your Sat Nav, or with travel instructions to your smartphone.


An intelligent infotainment system will also learn your preferences, for example favorite information sources and feeds, or music genres (for entertainment). It will then be able to recommend similar information to you if required. There are already systems that can do this, but few are fully integrated with other smart transport systems.

The KlugTech system uses our Jnaana Intelligence Engine™ to provide ambient intelligence (AmI) and artificial intelligence (AI) to help the system learn and understand your preferences and needs in terms of entertainment and information.

For more information about the KlugTech Kawe Transport Management™ module as it relates to infotainment control, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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