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Smart Transport Environmental Control

We are familiar with climate control systems in vehicles, including environmental zones for maximum comfort. Of
course, environmental doesn't just mean a comfortable temperature, it also includes what is regarded as 'green
credentials' - how environmentally the vehicle is, in its manufacture, operation and disposal.

The use of electrical systems, such as air conditioning, all increase fuel consumption, so our smart solutions optimize
the environmental settings with the economy of the vehicle. This is even more relevant with the increase in hybrid

Environmental iconThe environment also extends outside the vehicles themselves, to the transport networks, including
safety and signage. The need for continued connectivity for many of the smart systems our vehicles
and devices require means that our solutions assist the connections.

The Kawe Transport Management™ module combines all the transportational environmental and
climate needs into one easy to use interface via the Gadi Vehicle Control™ and Controlled
Environmental Reactive Interface System™ (CERIS™).

Optimum Climate

To optimize the climate of your transport requires a number of sensors. These can be single function, or linked to an
intelligence that optimizes a number of different factors.

The ‘bricks and mortar’ industry talks of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) but can also include other
elements such as blinds. This does also apply to vehicles in some way, and the Kawe Transport Management
module takes the best of the environmental controls and adapts it to transport and network needs.

Zonal Control

Every vehicle can accept some form of zonal segmentation – some need it more than others. Creating zones means
that energy usage and comfort can be maximized for each individual passenger and adaptable for different seasons,
activities and days. This is more important in larger vehicles and networks.

The zone settings can be overridden if need be, and the Jnaana Intelligence Engine™ learns what works in each
zone, and what is constantly altered – checking with the administrator before permanently changing the settings.

Wider Environmental Control

Environmental controls manage the health and well-being of the passengers. It evaluates the risk, monitors the air quality in the vehicle and where applicable, the fitness of the individuals.

Gas monitoring includes smoke detectors and harmful gases that may be present in the vehicle or network, either through a natural accumulation, or because of some action, such as a fire. Because of the systems are interlinked, the Gadi Vehicle Control™ module will take the appropriate action, be it automated ventilation, for example, or halting and evacuating the vehicle.

Green Credentials

By optimizing the climate in the vehicle or network, mixing the heating/air conditioning, ventilation and shading, the Kawe Transport Management™ module can reduce the power consumption and therefore running costs.

For people who need to control the pollutants and particles in the air, the environmental system can monitor and control the levels in each zone with the appropriate equipment.

We have also developed a patented power unit for transport networks - the Wiatrak Power Generator™ that allows any electrical devices to operate, even miles from the nearest supply. This allows warning signaling for roads, and mobile/WiFi network transceivers for road and rail networks, or to provide an easy recharging system for a vehicle.

By ensuring the connectivity of devices and/or vehicles, we can maximize the effectiveness of the transport networks, minimizing congestion and maximizing the economy of vehicles. Linking to mapping, and knowing the destination of the drivers will allow for alternative routes.

For public transport, knowing where the vehicles are and how full they are will help manage the network and inform passengers of the optimum routes. This information can also be communicated to mobile Apps.

For more information on how the KlugTech transport environmental controls can increase your smart transport comfort and economy, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.

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