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Smart Transport Solutions

Imagine a vehicle that seems to have a sixth sense - as you sit in, it adjusts the seat, climate and settings - all the mirrors
will be correct for you, and the music systems set just the way you like it.

Much of this already exists, of course, especially in high-end vehicles. Add the connectivity of other devices and the intuition
of your connected activities. If you check a route on your computer, it will link to your vehicle Sat Nav.

Alternatively, your diary shows that you are picking a family member up early from the airport - your alarm clock, Sat Nav
and traffic systems are all interlinked, so the clock adjusts to the news that the flight is going to be early, and there is an
accident on the way. Your Sat Nav will display the alternative route and ensure that you arrive on time.

The Kawe Transport Management™ module logoMany vehicles nowadays also operate 'fly-by-wire' systems where vital systems are
computer controlled. This makes it easier to use, but has been said to be vulnerable
to interception by third parties. Our solutions isolate the computer systems from
external interference, whilst using the maximum benefit of the information available.

These examples are for private vehicles, but the solutions are flexible and scalable for commercial vehicles - road, rail, water
and air.

The transport solutions in this section include:

The KlugTech solutions use our own Kawe Transport Management™ module, specially designed for transport and transport

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