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Benefits of Smart Transport Technology

From its early days, transport and technology have been close bedfellows, and we have become used to the
increased functionality and complexity of our cars, trains, and aircraft. At times, technological advances
seemed to stall – you may hear of advances in one sector, and wonder why they don't appear in mass
production, whereas others seem to appear out of nowhere.

We have seen the rise of electric and hybrid vehicles, and steady increase fuel efficiency – in vehicles, boats,
trains and airplanes. Use of energy-saving materials, energy reclamation in different systems help conserve,
and recover energy. Vehicles are, however, still vulnerable to damage, theft and undue delay.

Many technology companies are investing in autonomous vehicles, self-drive technology that takes the driver
out of control of the vehicle. We are not convinced that this is a viable way forward for all, and have set about
designing systems based on our three guiding principles; usability, security and conservation of power.

The Kawe Transport Management™ module works to optimize power usage, providing a comfortable, secure
and efficient travel experience for all, whether they use car, truck and bus, rail, boat, airplane, cycle, or prefer
to go on foot.

At KlugTech, we have developed smart transport technologies based on three core principles:

  • Usability - Our systems must be intuitive, and easy-to-use. There should also be a single access
    point to control the system, not requiring multiple apps
  • Security - With a single access point, it is vital that all systems and property enjoy maximum
    security. We have designed security systems that interface with the user, and other modules within
    the installation that ensure the identity, and location of personal system accessing it, and monitors
    exactly what is going on
  • Continuity of Power - Without power none of these systems are likely to work. The smart transport
    technologies we have designed optimize power usage, understands backups and, where fitted, its
    power generation options

KlugTech has also got systems around the networks and termini of the modes of transport, so that we can
provide the maximum in usability, security, and optimization of energy. We have divided the smart transport
technology systems into the following areas on this website:


Please check out our dedicated pages and case studies for more information. Alternatively contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.

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