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Smart Healthcare Infotainment Systems

The combination of information and entertainment means that we can utilize the same delivery and collection interfaces, and
provide vital and soothing feeds to a room, workstation or zone within the healthcare system.

The healthcare system generates a lot of data on each patient, and we think you would agree that this is pretty sensitive stuff –
possibly more so than your bank account!

Infotainment iconKlugTech has tackled the issue of information at two broad levels. The information a hospital, health center/
clinics or care home wants to communicate, and the private patient information that it has to keep confidential.

The MICHI™ control platform can optimize the 'infotainment' system so that it provides the best solution for
the premises at any particular time, and for each individual user. You can also monitor how your staff and
patients interact with the system and therefore use it as a valuable management tool.

Information can be provided to selected workstations or to public areas – as a direct feed from internal or external sources, or
with pre-prepared information and audio/video loops.

As with all KlugTech systems, the EMAH™ can be controlled via keypads, pre-registered mobile devices or voice control via the
CERIS™ and MICHI™ interfaces.

Public Systems

The public data about the premises and treatments needs an efficient communications platform. Public access also includes
communications with patients and booking/tracking systems for appointments.

The Riocht Healthcare Management™ module provides an information and entertainment mixture within the public areas of
the hospital, health center or care home. The information can be pulled from external sources or from internal resources, such
as promotional video loops and feeds.

The ‘public’ element of the Riocht Healthcare Management™ module extends to providing patients and staff with entertainment
feeds such as video and audio in particular rooms or zones, as appropriate.

These systems must be kept separate from any sensitive data to ensure that it is not accessible by unauthorized personnel.

Patient Data

The private data on patients and their treatments must be kept confidential at all times. The data should be readily available to the authorized personnel on demand, in the right locations – for example; clinical staff should only be able to access individual records when linked to the local network. We have developed the PaCaR™ system to both record the patient's data, and to display it all in a secure, interactive way, without the need (and dangers of losing) paper files, secured so that only authorized personnel have access, and linked to a wide range of sensors and equipment - on and around the patient.

No one should have free access to the whole data, and there must be an encrypted link between the treatment history and personal data to maximize confidentiality.

KlugTech takes security very seriously and our systems work with business Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and healthcare administration systems to segment, isolate and encrypt data, allowing only single feeds to authorized personnel/workstations. The Maru Security Net™ provides multilayer, encrypted security for all your critical, private data. Our encryption tools - the Reo Encryption Algorithms™ - ensure that any data stored or transmitted is secure, and the Shishi Data Management™ module keeps the databases safe from unauthorized access.

When being treated, the clinical staff can access the relevant information via QR or RFID triggers. Using tablets or local screens, notes cannot be mislaid, and all additions and amendments are tracked.


The information and entertainment system can be used to inform staff, patients and visitors about security and safety procedures. In the event of an emergency, personalized messages can be provided to help people get to safety, and inform staff exactly who is where.

The Teho Power Management™ module also ensures the safety of patients requiring machines and systems powered by electricity. The operation of these critical devices and systems is also linked to the information interface, allowing staff to know where critical failure maybe, or are occurring.


An intelligent infotainment system will also learn your preferences, for example favorite information sources and feeds, or music genres (for entertainment). It will then be able to recommend similar information to you if required. There are already systems that can do this, but few are fully integrated with other smart business systems.

The KlugTech system uses our Jnaana Intelligence Engine™ to provide ambient intelligence (AmI) and artificial intelligence (AI) to help the system learn and understand your preferences and needs in terms of entertainment and information.

For more information about the Riocht Healthcare Management™ module and the infotainment systems, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.

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