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Smart Hospital Solutions

Vaduz hospital

Hospitals, as Monty Python acknowledged in The Meaning Of Life, are full of machines that go 'ping'! In fact, you could be correct in the assumption that nurses are engineers and electricians more than human carers.

At KlugTech we fear that this may be the way too many people think, so our solutions focus on providing the care staff with the ability to use the technology to care for patients, and not to have to worry about programming the equipment. Indeed, the Monty Python sketch tells us that the hospital administrator demands seeing all the machines that go 'ping' being used, even if no one understand what they are using them for.

Using the Riocht Healthcare Management™ module, we link the machinery to user-friendly interfaces that inform carers, without distracting them. We have also identified security as a key consideration in the operations of a hospital - the physical security of the premises and [expensive] equipment, the patient record, and the safety and security of staff, patients and visitors.

We have developed a communications network that is particularly useful for hospital patients and their carers, allowing experts to confer and patients to have access to information and specialists as part of their treatment. Using the connected devices to communicate can help reduce the wasted time caused by 'travelling' between patients, whilst still providing the personal service. More patients can be seen, diagnoses recorded and shared with other carers. We can also remove the need to decipher the famous doctor's hieroglyphics - removing potential errors.

The smart hospital solution pack has been put together for the standard, expected requirements for small, medium and large hospitals respectively. A small hospital is regarded as up to 30 rooms; medium, up to 300; and large, approx. 800.

For more information on the KlugTech hospital solutions, and healthcare management systems in general, please contact your local office or distributor by clicking here.

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