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Benefits of Smart Healthcare Technology

Lest we forget, healthcare is about humans. At times it appears that a sick human is just hooked up to technology and the
nurses and technicians monitor the technology only. Technology is purely a tool to improve the monitoring and treatment of
patients, and as technology has increased, many of these machines have the ability to be interconnected – therefore
becoming part of the Internet of Things (IoT).

We have taken the approach that connected technology should be used to help in the treatment and monitoring of patients,
by tracking devices, people (staff and patients), and drugs.

Also, as hospitals, clinics and care homes are also businesses; we need to create secure, efficient business environments.
Patient data is a vital, but extremely sensitive issue and using our modules will help provide additional levels of security for
these systems: such as the Shishi Data Management™ module, Maru Security Net™ and PaCaR™ (Patient Care
Recording™) module.

Given the huge, increasing power consumption within healthcare establishments, our systems help optimize power use, with
specific products that also help generate power, either for immediate consumption, or as backups. This coupled with focus on
security and usability will allow hospitals, clinics and care homes to be a comfortable, secure, efficient, and healthy environment
for workers, visitors and patients.

At KlugTech, we have developed smart healthcare technologies based on three core principles:

  • Usability - Our systems must be intuitive, and easy-to-use. There should also be a single access point to control the
    system, not requiring multiple apps
  • Security - With a single access point, it is vital that all systems and property enjoy maximum security. We have
    designed security systems that interface with the user, and other modules within the installation that ensure the
    identity, and location of personal system accessing it, and monitors exactly what is going on
  • Continuity of Power - Without power none of these systems are likely to work. The smart healthcare technology
    we have designed optimizes power usage, understands backups and, where fitted, its power generation options

Smart healthcare solutions are controlled by the Riocht Healthcare Management™ module, and for the purposes of this
website, have been divided into the following areas:


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