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Smart Venue Security Solutions

The KlugTech venue security control systems look at two main areas of venue security - the physical security of the premises
and the security of the data within the venue. As with all KlugTech systems, security and usability are primary factors in our

Premises Security

Security IconMonitoring and controlling the security of, and safety in venue is a key element in the Gosti Entertainment
™ module of SEMI™ - the Security and Environmental Management Intelligence™. By
controlling and monitoring the access to buildings, and movement through them is important to ensure that
only authorized personnel have access to specific areas. It also ensures that guests are carefully monitored
at all times.

Systems that integrate to the venue security system include:

  • Lighting (safety, security, uninhabited)
  • Disaster prevention/Monitoring (with environmental)
  • CCTV/IR Cameras
  • Ultrasound Counters/PIR
  • Intruder Prevention/Alarms
  • Laser fences/tripwires/sensors

Data Security

Data is important in venue management - linked to the customer records and transaction details - normally stored in a
customer relationship marketing (CRM) database.

KlugTech takes data security very seriously, and our systems can link to many system APIs to add addition security and
user-friendly interfaces. Our data security systems segment the data, so any breach is easily contained, and the encrypted
data is far less valuable. We have developed the Shishi Data Management™ module to ensure the safety of your vital
business and marketing data, with the backbone of the Reo Encryption Algorithms™.

Data security also includes user management, only allowing authorized personnel access the data they need for their job, and no single person has access to the whole database.

Device Security

Looking at a mix of physical and data security, the SEMI™ interface helps to control the access to, and movement of devices to improve security. Using the inbuilt security that many devices have, we use the Device Optimization and Management Interactive Systems™ (DOMIS™) interface to manage, switch off and disable devices as appropriate.

Why not find out how the KlugTech Gosti Entertainment Management™ module can help your venue? Contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.

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