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Smart Venue Environmental Solution

I am sure you've been in a small sweaty venue - intimate but somewhat uncomfortable? Alternatively, you may have
been in a large, cold auditorium. Of course, we cannot please all the people, all of the time, but we can create zonal
systems within buildings to optimize the environment as much as possible.

For outdoor venues, we are limited to what the elements throw at us, as you can imagine! This does not mean that
we can't monitor the environment and do something about it, even if it is just a timely warning to spectators and 'actors'.

Optimum Climate

Environment iconTo optimize the climate of your interior venue requires a number of sensors. These can be single
function, or linked to an intelligence that optimizes a number of different factors.

The industry talks of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) but can also include other
elements such as curtains and blinds to control the heat, light and fresh air.

Small-time systems can also provide forward planning, for example knowing the weather forecast
the areas could be ventilated in the early morning, and then shaded to maintain the cool temperature
during a hot afternoon, thus minimizing the need for excessive use of the air conditioning system.
Also knowing the occupancy of each room, and schedule of its use, the system can reduce wasted energy.

Zonal Control

Every venue can accept some form of zonal segmentation – some need it more than others. Creating zones means
that energy usage and comfort can be maximized for each individual worker or 'actor', and adaptable for different
seasons, activities and days.

By learning the habits and preferences of each workstation, the Environmental Management and Activity Hub™
(EMAH™) can maximize the enjoyment and comfort of the workplace, and the efficiency of the workers. Also by
understanding the traffic flow in and around the venue, it is possible to ensure that energy was not wasted, for
example from open doors, and that lights and environmental systems are not used for unoccupied rooms/areas.

The climate control also covers ventilation, and links to venue environmental controls and alerts to ensure the quality
of air, water and power supplies. Monitoring systems check the quality of the air, smoke and particulates, and for
harmful gases.

The zone settings can be overridden if need be, and the Jnaana Intelligence Engine™ module learns what works in each zone, and what is constantly altered – checking with the administrator before permanently changing the settings.

Wider Environmental Control

Environmental controls manage the health and well-being of the individuals in the venue or support rooms. It evaluates the risk, monitors the air and water quality in the business and where applicable, the fitness of the individuals. This can be important externally, for example at sports stadia, outdoor concerts or racetracks.

The venue environmental controls don't stop there, however, our systems incorporate utilities flow - is your water feed (hot or cold) running (or over running)? Has your natural gas feed ruptured and needs stopping? All the systems need electricity to operate, so is your electricity flowing properly throughout the venue?

Gas monitoring includes smoke detectors and harmful gases that may be present in the venue, either through a natural accumulation, or because of some action, such as a fire. Because of the systems are interlinked, the Gosti Entertainment Management™ module will take the appropriate action, be it automated ventilation, for example, or evacuating the venue.

Green Credentials

By optimizing the climate in the business, mixing the heating/air conditioning, ventilation and shading/blinds, the Gosti Entertainment Management™ module can help reduce the power consumption and therefore running costs.

For people who need to control the pollutants and particles in the air, the venue environmental system can monitor and control the levels in each zone with the appropriate equipment. For example, if external sensors register high pollen levels outside, ventilation options will be overridden in favor of air conditioning. Whilst this will increase costs, it will increase the comfort and safety of the employees, 'actors' and visitors.

Any venue environment is a compromise, between cost-effective systems and the preferences and opinions of a large number of people.

The obvious venue environmental control and monitoring involve protecting the visitors and staff from harmful factors, materials and gases: these will be standard, although the risk factors would be different for example between an internal venue and an outdoor stadium or racetrack, etc.

Other elements of environmental control include the regulating of systems with the climate controls, and the security systems - access control, intruder monitoring, and disaster prevention.

For more information on how the KlugTech venue environmental controls can increase your smart venue's comfort and economy, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.

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