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Smart Domestic Infotainment Control

Entertainment iconThe combination of information and entertainment means that we can utilize the same delivery and
collection interfaces, and provides vital and soothing feeds to a room, workstation or zone within the

Music systems are nothing new and multi-room systems have long been around. A more modern
addition is the advent of wireless systems, even controlled via a smart phone. We have also seen
'Smart TVs' that provide Internet connectivity on the TV, can be controlled by gestures and voice
commands. None of these are yet mainstream, as adoption rates are still relatively low.

The domestic infotainment systems also includes an information feed system that allows the Haza Domestic Management
module to notify you of key information, such as local weather, travel and traffic, latest news headlines, local shopping news
and feeds, etc.

Imagine then, as part of your smart home system, being able to program your choice of music that can (if you want
it) follow you around the home. The system also learns what you prefer in different moods, times of day, seasons, etc.

Using the Controlled Environmental Reactive Interface System™ (CERIS™) system, you can talk to the Environmental
Management and Activity Hub™ (EMAH™) computer to ask it for information, to switch on a particular radio station or
music feed, or to record a particular TV or radio program for later. Keypads, remotes and smartphone can also access
the system securely.

The entertainment system also links TV; gaming consoles the comfort and enjoyment for each individual. The system
can also control the WiFi access with setting such as ‘homework time’ that limits access to social and media networks
not permitted during this period. It can also disable access generally or to specific users during set times of day, such as
at night.


The system doubles up to provide a means of communicating verbally with the central control – EMILI™ (Environmental
Management and Intelligent Lifestyle Interface™) – by the microphones and speakers set in each room. If there is an
emergency, the system can also use the entertainment network to communicate, inform and guide you out of harm’s way.

Using the Device Optimization and Management Interactive Systems™ (DOMIS™) module, the entertainment system can also switch devices off when no longer in use, and completely shutting down, where applicable, devices that are expected to be off for some time. Using the Chuta Access Control™, we can create quiet times where access to the internet is limited - for example during 'homework time'.


An intelligent domestic infotainment system will also learn your preferences, for example favorite TV shows, radio programs or music genres. It will then be able to recommend similar program or tracks to you. There are already systems that can do this, but few are fully integrated with other smart household systems.

The KlugTech system uses our Jnaana Intelligence Engine™ to provide both ambient intelligence (AmI) and artificial intelligence (AI) to help the system learn and understand your preferences and needs in terms of entertainment and information.

For more information on how the KlugTech solutions can entertain and inform you, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.

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