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Smart Domestic Environmental Control

Environment iconWe are all used to the concept of thermostats to control our heating, be they wall mounted or controlling an
individual radiator. Likewise, air conditioning units have control settings that adjust the temperature and fan
speed. In prestige cars, we have even gotten used to personalized climate settings.

All of this provides the individual with the ability to control their comfort, and improving fuel and financial
efficiency. There are currently many products on the market that fulfill these tasks, providing customized
domestic environmental control.

The Haza Domestic Management™ module combines all the domestic environmental and climate needs into one easy to
use interface via the Environmental Management and Intelligent Lifestyle Interface™ (EMILI™) and Controlled Environmental
Reactive Interface System™ (CERIS™).

Optimum Climate

To optimize the climate of your home requires a number of sensors. These can be single function, or linked to intelligence that
optimizes a number of different factors.

The industry talks of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) but can also include other elements such as curtains and

Small-time systems can also provide forward planning, for example knowing the weather forecast the rooms could be ventilated
in the early morning, then shaded to maintain the call their during a hot afternoon, thus minimizing the need for excessive use
of the air conditioning system. Also knowing the occupancy of each room, and schedule of its use, the system can reduce wasted
energy, and optimize your domestic environment.

Zonal Control

Every property can accept some form of zonal segmentation - some need it more than others. Creating zones means that energy
usage and comfort can be maximized for each individual inhabitant and adaptable for different seasons, activities and days.

The zone settings can be overridden if need be, and the Jnaana Intelligence Engine™ learns what works in each zone, and
what is constantly altered - checking with the administrator before permanently changing the settings.

Wider Domestic Environmental Control

Environmental controls manage the health and well-being of the individuals in the home. It evaluates the risk, monitors the air and water quality in the house and where applicable, the fitness of the individuals.

The domestic environmental controls don't stop there, however, our systems incorporate utilities flow - is your water feed (hot or cold) running (or over running)? Has your natural gas feed ruptured and needs stopping? All the systems need electricity to operate, so is your electricity flowing properly throughout the property?

Pollen filters, gas monitoring and water quality along with health monitors each person will maximize their health and vitality. If linked to fitness products, and home gym equipment, the system can also recommend training programs.

Gas monitoring includes smoke detectors and harmful gases that may be present in the building, either through a natural accumulation, or because of some action, such as a fire. Because of the systems are interlinked, the EMILI™ will take the appropriate action, be it automated ventilation, for example, or evacuating the property.

Green Credentials

By optimizing the climate in the home, mixing the heating/air conditioning, ventilation and shading/blinds, the Haza Domestic Management™ module can reduce the power consumption and therefore running costs.

For people who need to control the pollutants and particles in the air, the domestic environmental system can monitor and control the levels in each zone with the appropriate equipment. For example, if external sensors register high pollen levels outside, ventilation options will be overridden in favor of air conditioning. Whilst this will increase costs, it will increase the comfort and safety of the inhabitants.

For more information on how the KlugTech domestic environmental controls can increase your smart home comfort and economy, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.

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