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Smart Garage Zone

There seems to be a trend for people using garages for storage as opposed for cars. The KlugTech smart garage solutions help manage this zone, irrespective of the use. Either way, garages are an occasional use area, and therefore often unoccupied, un-heated and harbor unwelcome animals (spiders, mice, etc.).

Generic Domestic GarageThe garage doors can be a weak point in the security of a building - causing some issues where the garage is integral to the house as it can provide a point of access to the rest of the building. Separate buildings are in themselves vulnerable, and our systems acknowledge this.

In addition to the general systems (listed below), we have linked the location of the occupant to the operation of the garage door (assuming the car is stored there). This means that the driver doesn't have to push a button to open the door - something often only possible when in line of sight of the sensor.

* Connection API’s only, the module itself is extra, as it is used for multiple rooms/applications.


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