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Smart Domestic Solutions

Imagine if you would - you wake up to the alarm of your choice at the desired time. As you get dressed, the house computer -
we call it the Environmental Management and Intelligent Lifestyle Interface™ (EMILI™) - can tell you about the latest news
headlines that you are interested in, give the local weather (for your smart home or where you are going be over the day), and
the traffic reports (if applicable) - these are smart domestic solutions.

As you wander around the house, your choice of music can follow you (if you wish), and providing a ‘combined’ choice of music
or radio station when you share a room with others.

The KlugTech Smart Domestic Solutions

KlugTech has looked to combine existing smart domestic technology solutions to ensure that your life is simplified, and you save
time and money in everything that you do. The solutions are no only for the home owner, we acknowledge that there are many
needs in a household, and we have devised systems that maximize usability - such as the Obex Latch Key™ protocol and
Chuta Access Control™ module.

For the smart domestic solutions, we have split our offering into the following sections:

If you are interested in understanding how KlugTech can help you integrate your smart domestic systems, appliances, and
solutions to make your life easier - contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.



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