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Large Inventory Solutions

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Companies with very large, complex and/or varied inventories probably have the biggest headache when it comes to understanding, monitoring and controlling stock. There are many well-established inventory control systems, but none, to our knowledge, make use of the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions - linking sensors, monitors, inventory management and logistics.


A Hilti truck being loadedEnsuring the correct order for logistical fulfillment can make or break a business - the ability to understand the provenience and location of each item, and allowing logistics systems to manage the movement between stores. These are generally standard features for inventory management systems, but they have yet to use interconnected devices.


The Jaya Inventory Control™ for large-scale installations links seamlessly with the Anturi Multisensors™ and Mangala Environmental Control™ system. It also links to the security system, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access the stores, and handle the stock. The security systems also use the Geata Motor System™ to manage the doors - keeping the environment within the store at the optimum levels. Another security element is the use of the Bloodhound Equipment Tracker™ to reduce theft and understand the locations and movement of stock.


Why not find out how the KlugTech Jaya Inventory Control™ module can help your organization? Contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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