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Smart Hospitality Solution

Hospitality covers 'tourism' functions - restaurants and hotels. Restaurants are often a subset of hotels - as they are often found in hotels, as well as independently.

Smart Hospitality imageIn focusing on the needs of the hotel industry, customers want security alongside their comfort - irrespective of the reason for their stay. Many hotels now use keycards to access the doors - the cards being authorized for a limited time period, but they can get lost or corrupted, and who is to say who accesses the room without permission? The systems need to manage the bookings systems, environment and energy usage in and around the hotel.

In restaurants, the systems are more behind the scenes - ordering the food, monitoring the preparation of the food and the payment systems. The monitoring and control of the environment is also important to maximize the enjoyment of the guests.

Our assumptions in developing the smart hospitality zone solution for hotels is as follows:

  • Reception area/foyer
  • 2 public points of access*
  • 1 point of access to the offices
  • 2 staff points of access
  • 1 loading door
  • 3 offices
  • 1 industrial kitchen*
  • 1 bar area*
  • 1 restaurant area*
  • 20 hotel room systems

* denotes areas for restaurants (also in the list below).

Other modules can be added to this set up, and for companies with more rooms/restaurants, multiple smart hospitality zone packages can be installed. KlugTech has acknowledged that customers want a simple, secure installation that connects what they have and what they can afford.

The smart hospitality zone consists of the following elements:

For more information on how the KlugTech consultants can help your smart hospitality solution development, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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