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Benefits of Smart Enterprise Technology

Technology seems to be in every part of business life – sometimes more intrusively than in others. It was not long ago, that
companies were unsure of technology, slow to implement it, and resistant to change. Technology now drives business – be
it in communications, customer interactions, manufacturing, delivery, etc.

This technology was supposed to save us time, this freeing us to make better, faster decisions. When you are being swamped
by emails, or confronted with learning a new interface, it is difficult to believe that technology offers efficiencies. With our
smart enterprise technology, we aim to give businesses the control of their systems back, in a secure and user-friendly way.

Much is also made of the 'work/life' balance. This has been impacted over recent years thanks to the always on mobile
technology we all seem to own. Whilst the Internet of Things (IoT) will not necessarily stop emails arriving at midnight, we
do believe that a smart enterprise system will create a beneficial fusion of personal and business life, including downtime,
with systems understanding what is banal, and what is important during these private moments.

The benefits of creating and using a smart enterprise system are key to the principles that KlugTech uses in developing the
modules that join the dots of the smart technology:

  • A user-friendly interface for authorized personnel, allowing them to control, monitor and understand what is going
    on in and around the business
  • Security of the property, systems and goods, including remote access where appropriate
  • The continuity and optimal use of power throughout the organization, saving energy and money

The Obair Enterprise Management™ module has been designed to provide a comfortable, secure and efficient workplace
for employees. The smart enterprise solutions include high security modules, for example for Customer Relationship
Management (CRM) database systems, and business communications.

Our smart enterprise technology solutions have been designed for the SoHo (Small office, Home office), office, warehouse,
factory, hospitality (hotel and restaurant), and financial services applications. They include inventory management, warehousing,
manufacturing, office functions, business computing, and hospitality solutions. We have divided them up into the following areas
on this website:

Please check out our dedicated pages and case studies for more information. Alternatively contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.

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