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Smart Agricultural Infotainment Control

The combination of information and entertainment means that we can utilize the same delivery and collection interfaces, and
provide vital and soothing feeds to a room, workstation or zone within the farm.

The Kilimo Agricultural Management™ module is designed to provide growers and farmers with the vital information about
the safety, security and well-being of the plants and livestock, and feeding in environmental and research data as required.

Infotainment iconThe systems integrate with, for example, weather feeds from around the farm and from longer range systems.

The EMILI™ control platform can optimize the 'infotainment' system so that it provides the best solution for
the farm at any particular time, and for each individual user.

The system can also provide the entertainment for workers whilst they are in remote locations on the farm,
feeding music – from servers or via the radio.

As with all KlugTech systems, the EMAH™ can be controlled via keypads, pre-registered mobile devices or voice control via the
CERIS™ and EMILI™ interfaces.


The system doubles up to provide a means of communicating verbally with the central control – EMILI™ (Environmental
Management and Intelligent Lifestyle Interface™) – by the microphones and speakers set in each applicable zone, or via
communications devices. If there is an emergency, the system can also use the entertainment network to communicate, inform
and guide you out of harm’s way, or to guide you to the incident.

Using the DOMIS™ module, the infotainment system can also switch devices off when no longer in use, and completely shutting
down, where applicable, devices that are expected to be off for some time.


An intelligent entertainment system will also learn your preferences, for example favorite information sources, radio programs
or music genres. It will then be able to recommend similar programs or tracks to you. There are already systems that can do this,
but few are fully integrated with other smart agricultural systems.

The KlugTech system uses our Jnaana Intelligence Engine™ to provide ambient intelligence (AmI) and artificial intelligence (AI) to help the system learn and understand your preferences and needs in terms of entertainment and information.

For more information about the Kilimo Agricultural Management™ module and the infotainment systems, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.

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