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Smart Livestock Health Solutions

Environmental iconThe smart livestock solutions control and monitor the health and movement of livestock to provide an early warning system of wellbeing issues and theft. For legal reasons, all animals should be tracked, farm animals are usually labeled, but with the reduced costs of electronics, micro-chipping, as is common with domestic pets, is more affordable for large numbers of animals. The scanning of shed and field entrances is, therfore, more affordable and can help monitor the movement of different forms of livestock.


Animal Health

To provide large numbers of animals with individual health monitors has traditionally been prohibitively expensive and in most cases seen as an over reaction, even during epidemics. The KlugTech solution utilizes our proven climate and environmental monitoring solutions to determine if there are harmful pathogens or gases in the air and adds this enviornmental data to the inidividual data of each animal. This, of course, works best in the enclosed spaces of shed and stables, but there are ways of monitoring animals at gateways and using handheld monitors.

Imagine, if you would, being able to stamp out health problems immediately because the real-time data feeds can identify what the problem is, and which animals are infected.

We have the Saroti Health Scanner™ that allows farmers to scan animals via the sensors in stalls and gates. Linking the records with the unique animal identifier, a livestock manager can identify the animals with issues early, allowing them to isolate the disease and limit the damage to their investment.

For more information on how KlugTech can help you manage your livestock, and implement the Prani Livestock Management™ module – contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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