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Smart Agricultural Environmental Control

Agriculture is often regarded as a backward, untechnical discipline. Modern agriculture is far from this, and technology plays
a major role. In certain types of agriculture we control the natural environment – forcing plants out of season – at other times
managing how we deal with dynamic environmental conditions.

Environmental iconThe KlugTech Kilimo Agricultural Management™ module combines all the environmental and climate
monitoring and control (where applicable) into one easy to use interface via the EMILI™ and CERIS™.

Power control and management optimizes equipment, device and light use, and with the Teho Power
™ module, back-up systems are automatically implemented during power outages to
ensure the safety and comfort of the workers, animals and crops.

Optimum Climate

To optimize the manageable climatic elements of your agricultural operations requires a large number of sensors over a wide
area. These can be single function, or linked to an intelligence that optimizes a number of different factors based on the
requirements of the animals and crops, and the external influences of weather and pests.

The Kilimo Agricultural Management™ module takes the best of the environmental feeds and controls from all connected
systems and adapts it to farming needs. Rather than trying to ‘control’ nature, we have smart systems that alert and guide the
farmers to optimise what they can control.

Zonal Control

Zonal segmentation is important for the management, safety and comfort of the animals/crops, so the Kilimo Agricultural
™ module provides customizable zones, linked to the Jnaana Intelligence Engine™ that can help monitor the
various feeds from the open and enclosed spaces it is responsible for, and linking to other ancillary services and feeds. Creating
zones means that energy usage, security and comfort can be optimized for each individual service, and adaptable for different
seasons, activities and days.

We use a customized module for the EMAH™ system to control the agricultural environment, via the Kilimo Agricultural
™ module.

Wider Environmental Control

Environmental controls manage the health and well-being of the workers, animals and plants. It evaluates the risk, monitors the air quality and climate and well-being of the workers and animals.

Gas monitoring includes smoke detectors and harmful gases that may be present in the area, either through a natural accumulation, or because of some action, such as a fire. Because of the systems are interlinked, the EMILI™ will take the appropriate action.

Green Credentials

By optimizing the services based on climatic inputs, the Kilimo Agricultural Management™ module can reduce the power consumption and therefore running costs when necessary, and monitors where action is most cost effective.

If you feel that your agricultural operations can benefit from KlugTech smart technology, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.

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