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Smart Campus Infotainment Package

Grenoble Graduate School for BusinessInfotainment IconThe smart campus infotainment package links to audio/visual equipment using switches, where possible. The infotainment system identifies the preferences of each class or area - stored in the Arcel Account Hub™ - providing a customized feed of music, or preventing it in case of a reluctance on the part of the school to pay for performing arts licenses. The information feed can come from corporate information (presentations, videos, etc.), or from third party sources, and only if appropriate.


The entertainment feed can be piped to all the university campus and work areas around the property where speakers are placed, and if appropriate. Depending on the types of speakers employed, this would be wired or wireless. The smart campus infotainment package is limited to the audio/visual systems the client has, but includes:


For more information on the campus infotainment package, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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