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Smart Educational Environmental Control

Environment plays a huge role in the management of educational institutions. By creating the optimum-learning
environment, students’ ability and interest in learning will be enhanced, and the institution will succeed.

Environmental iconClimate control is a key educational factor – making the temperature as comfortable as possible,
and appropriate to the area in which the students find themselves.

The KlugTech environmental control systems are part of the Cognitio Education Management
module and monitor all aspects of the environment, not just temperature, and can even be set to
create ‘comfort zones’ so that different areas can have different temperatures, particulates, or
illumination settings.

The system has manual and programmable overrides to maximise the learning potential, and ensure a pleasant working
environment for the staff.

It uses systems such as people counters and uses a Personal Information Manager (PIM) link to understand who is
expected in each area/zone. Predictive usage helps optimize systems, using a mix of intelligence protocols, PIM and
external data feeds.

Monitoring gases, particulates, smoke and pollen will make the environment more comfortable, safe and productive.
Water and gas feeds and flow (and overflow) optimizes resources and provides disaster management in case of
damage to those systems.

The Cognitio Education Management™ module also monitors washrooms, using traffic monitoring solutions to
understand the frequency of cleaning needed in each location. Waste bins are also monitored to minimize excessive
waste, and removal. It all combines all the environmental and climate needs into one easy to use interface via the

Power control and management optimizes device and light use, and with the Teho Power Management™ module,
back-up systems are automatically implemented during power outages.

Optimum Climate

To optimize the climate of the educational institution requires a number of sensors. These can be single function, or linked to an intelligence that optimizes a number of different factors based on the lessons and preferences of the staff and students.

The industry talks of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) but can also include other elements such as curtains and blinds. This applies to schools and universities via the Cognitio Education Management™ module takes the best of the environmental controls and adapts it to individual classroom or public ‘school’ area needs.

Zonal Control

Zonal segmentation is important for the management, safety and comfort of employees and shoppers, so the Cognitio Education Management™ module provides customisable zones, linked to the Jnaana Intelligence Engine™ that can help monitor the various teaching and office areas it is responsible for, and linking to other ancillary feeds. Creating zones means that energy usage, security and comfort can be optimized for each individual service and adaptable for different seasons, activities and days.

The monitoring and management of the climate and airborne particulates allow for pollution control inside and adjacent to the ecosystem. Monitoring the air temperature, illumination and humidity other services can be provided to maximise the comfort and well-being of students and employees, and reduce overall costs. We use a customized module for the EMAH™ system to control the educational environment, via the Cognitio Education Management™ module.

The system also monitors the human impact on the environment in each of these zones, adjusting to high traffic areas, doorways to other zones or outside influences, and total inactivity. In this way we can ensure maximum efficiency and reduce energy usage where applicable.

The zone settings can be overridden if need be, and the Jnaana Intelligence Engine™ learns what works in each zone, and what is constantly altered – checking with the administrator before permanently changing the settings.

Wider Environmental Control

Environmental controls manage the health and well-being of the students and employees. It evaluates the risk, monitors the air quality and climate and where applicable, the fitness of the individuals.

Gas monitoring includes smoke detectors and harmful gases that may be present in the classrooms, lecture theatres or public areas, either through a natural accumulation, or because of some action, such as a fire. Because of the systems are interlinked, the EMILI™ will take the appropriate action.

Green Credentials

By optimizing the services based on climatic inputs, the Cognitio Education Management™ module can reduce the power consumption and therefore running costs when necessary, and monitors where action is most cost effective.

If you feel that your educational facilities can benefit from KlugTech smart technology, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.

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