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Smart Utility Systems Management

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The KlugTech utility systems management is part of the Ninas Smart City Management
module that oversees, monitors and controls the utilities within urban areas. It works for
water, gas, electricity, communications and environmental utilities as they apply to both
urban planners and controllers, and the utility suppliers. We have called this module the
Sarana Smart Utilities™ control.


The management system evaluates, monitors and manages the flow management for the following:
- Gas: supply flow management
- Electricity: supply flow management
- Communications: telephone and data systems supplies
- Water: clean water supply, waste water network and natural/recycling systems

The system intelligence module looks at:
- Systems prediction - environmental and demand modelling
- Failure points - monitoring and pre-emptive management

Disaster management:
- Discovery, including alarm systems
- Recovery
- Redirection/Detouring


One area that is out of the control of utilities companies is the so-called last mile - the link between the property and
the 'mains' network. The KlugTech system monitors this and provides a feedback loop so that utility and infrastructure
providers can oversee the whole system.


If you feel that your smart city installations can benefit from KlugTech smart technology, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.

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