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Smart City Traffic Control

Smart city traffic control and management systems are part of the Ninas Smart City Management™ module that monitors,
coordinates and controls all aspects of all modern traffic systems - for all forms of transport.

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The system controls:
Security - monitoring, modelling, predicting and proactively controlling traffic and network security.

Environment - pollution control and management linked with and influenced by the weather (including
for safety).

Event Management - managing the traffic and people flows before, during and after major events.

Traffic Flow - mobility, control, management and prediction of the flow, and end positions, such as parking options - the
Akis Traffic Management™ module controls it all.

Communications - audio/visual, signage, IP systems and emergency channels and coordination.

Public Transport - prioritising mass movement systems and optimizing the flow management for trams, buses, trains and

Energy - control, lighting and signage, including the use of the Wiatrak Power Generator™ network.

Control Interfaces - secure PC and mobile and audio/visual access, and output (including signage).

Issue Management - coordinating and controlling issues relating to breakdowns, accidents/incidents and congestion.


Traffic control isn't just about controlling the flow of traffic, but in modern cities, it is also about ensuring that vehicles with
the city as their destination have somewhere to park. As a result, we have created the Arama Smart Parking™ module
that communicates with vehicle systems, Sat Nav and city traffic systems.


For more information about the KlugTech smart city traffic control and management systems, please contact your local distributors or office.

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