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Smart City Security Control

Security for smart cities is multilevel and complex. At KlugTech we have identified the following security issues:

  • Physical security
  • Data security
  • Machine/device security

Physical Security

Security iconThe security of premises includes access controls, alarms and sensors. The security systems are all
controlled by the SEMI™ systems – this cross-references the duty rotas with access requests,
logging all traffic. There are different levels of security needed for different departments/activities –
this can be replicated within the Ninas Smart City Management™ module.

The environment is segmented so that groups or individuals can be isolated and access controlled.
We can use our bespoke systems, such as the Sentinel Shield™ and Bouvier Access Control
module to monitor, control and restrict access to certain areas as applicable - all in association with
the following tools:

  • Alarms
  • Security
  • Lighting (safety, security, uninhabited)
  • Disaster prevention/Monitoring (with environmental)
  • Ultrasound Counters/PIR
  • Intruder Prevention/Alarms
  • Laser fences/tripwires/sensors

Data Security

The security of the personal data, industry history and current metrics is absolutely critical, with access limited to a
predetermined group of staff. No one person should ever be give access to all the information at any time. Key to the Qeveri
Public Sector Management
™ module is the anonymity of the data, in isolation, only combined for a limited time and in
a predetermined location.

All data security is controlled by our Shishi Data Management™ module, designed to keep the data secure, and limit the access to authorized personnel, with a limited, relevant feed. All data is communicated using the Reo Encryption Algorithms™, designed to rendered intercepted data useless.

Machine Security

The security of each device and system is also key. Both the input of signals and power, and the output of the data must be secured.

The Teho Power Management™ module ensures the uninterrupted power supply via a series of battery and generator backups, with an intelligent system that automatically switches non-essential systems off to conserve power in the event of a power cut.

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