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Smart City Information Control

The Ninas Smart City Management™ module of the EMAH™ controls smart city information and entertainment
control and management systems. This allows authorized officers to monitor and control the information that is
provided to the populous.

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We are all familiar with the dot matrix light boards with travel information in and around our
towns, but the feeds can be more targets and more complete, with rich media feeds into local
media, to domestic and business systems (with prior approval), and into public spaces.


Whilst KlugTech uses the same information and entertainment technology for cities as it does in other applications, a
smart city is more focused on the control and distribution of information.


Using the cameras and sensors already in place throughout most urban areas, power is not wasted by pushing
information to uninhabited areas – so if an information board is not near anyone, it will not be activated, thus saving


Information can also be released in such a way as to control the movement of people, by delaying the message in one
area to 1) prevent bottlenecks, and 2) to provide alternatives if required.


For more information on how the KlugTech solutions can provide information systems with Smart City implementations,
contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


Smart Communications Management

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