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Smart City Solutions

Many companies are developing solutions for smart cities, each developing niche products. As cities are already
extremely complex environments, we think that much of that technology could complicate further. We believe
technology can greatly enhance a city, after all they concentrate so many utilities, services and users in one place –
be they private homes, businesses, hospitals, transport, arts, etc.

Our understanding of both the connected technology, and the needs of smart cities, helps the KlugTech systems
bridge the new versus retrofit argument, coupled with maximizing security, optimizing the flow of people, and creating
a pleasant and productive environment. Linking the connected devices and sensors, for traffic, utilities and crime

KlugTech has developed a system is based on three guiding principles: usability, security, and optimization of power. In
terms of security, our key focus was to prevent unauthorized third parties taking control of all or part of the system for
mischievous or malicious purposes. The optimization of power is designed to ensure the safety of the inhabitants –
permanent and temporary – including systems that will generate small inputs of power to the grid.

The Ninas Smart City Management™ module looks to make the city for more effective, efficient and beneficial for
visitors, businesses, citizens, and their property. This includes the management of traffic – motorized and human – and
utility usage within this high demand area.

The smart city solutions are divided into the following areas:

For more information about the KlugTech and our Smart City solutions, please contact us via your local office or distributor.

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