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Smart Retail Security Control

Security iconSecurity is vital in retail, primarily because of the continued threat of theft. Whilst no system within
retail can be flawless, we have devised intelligent systems that reduce the risk as far as possible, and
when coupled with human awareness and vigilance, can reduce the threat considerably.

The Kertoa Retail Management™ module allows for very specific zonal alarms and monitoring
equipment to monitor specific, or all areas within the store. Coupled with the general SEMI™ security
systems governing the premises as a whole, we can link to existing anti-theft measures and equipment
to minimize the chance of theft. At KlugTech we have identified the following security issues:

  • Physical security
  • Data security
  • Machine/device security

Physical Security

The security of premises includes access controls, alarms and sensors. The security systems are all controlled by the SEMI
systems – this cross-references the duty rotas with access requests, logging all traffic. There are different levels of security
that might be needed for different departments/activities – this can be replicated within the Kertoa Retail Management

The environment is segmented so that product groups or individual departments can be isolated and access controlled.

  • Alarms
  • RITA™ Security
  • Lighting (safety, security, uninhabited)
  • Disaster prevention/Monitoring (with environmental)
  • Ultrasound Counters/PIR
  • Intruder Prevention/Alarms
  • Laser fences/tripwires/sensors

Thefts do, of course, also occur when the store is closed, and the RITA™ security platform – SEMI™ – provides both preventative measures, such as lighting, tripwires, intruder prevention and alarms, and camera monitoring (CCTV, infrared and ultrasound PIR); along with general environmental monitoring, which is also included in the disaster prevention protocol.

KlugTech has developed the Sentinel Shield™ system - originally designed to keep unauthorized people from entering a particular area, but is equally at ease monitoring and alerting staff of unauthorized movements of goods - especially with our innovative Bloodhound Equipment Tracker™ system. Combined with the Bouvier Access Control™ module, we use smart technology to keep your retail environment as safe as possible.

Not only does the system monitor and record what is going on, there is also a series of audible, visual, passive, and remote alarm systems that can be customized to the store owners requirements, and adjusted to various requirements of each zone.

Data Security

The security mandate extends to data security; our systems architecture separates optimum moment transactional and environmental data from the database of private information and transactional history of the store, and customers. The communications link between the two is managed solely through CERIS™, and fully encrypted. In this way no one has access to the full database at any time, thinking indication can only occur using the paired hardware.

Locally, within the store, data can be provided to selected staff members on pre-installed devices, such as tablets, to allow sales staff to have all relevant sales, product and customer data at their fingertips. Using the specially developed Shishi Data Management™ module, we can help secure the databases so that only authorized personnel have 'reasonable' access to any records. The Reo Encryption Algorithms™ help secure the stored data and prevent useful interception when communicated between authorized devices.

The security of the personal data, industry history and current transactional metrics is absolutely critical, with access limited to a predetermined group of staff. No one person should ever be give access to all the information at any time. Key to the Kertoa Retail Management™ module is the anonymity of the data, in isolation, only combined for a limited time and in a predetermined location. The devices combine the encrypted data to create a personalized and complete overview of the transactions.

Machine Security

The security of each device and system is also key. Both the input of signals and power, and the output of the data must be secured.

The Teho Power Management™ module ensures the uninterrupted power supply via a series of battery and generator backups, with an intelligent system that automatically switches non-essential systems off to conserve power in the event of a power cut.

For more information on the Kertoa Retail Management™, and the KlugTech security systems, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.

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