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Smart Retail Infotainment Control

The combination of information and entertainment means that we can utilize the same delivery and collection interfaces,
and provide vital and soothing feeds to a room, workstation or zone within the store or mall.

Infotainment iconThe Kertoa Retail Management™ module provides full control over all entertainment and informational
systems. Within retail information can include product and store updates, product data and pricing, and
self-help interfaces. It also includes transactional information linked both to store and warehouse data,
and where applicable customer account and loyalty details.

In terms of entertainment, many stores increase the ambience of the locale by piping music into the retail
area. Using our entertainment systems, we can control the music and information feeds throughout your
store or mall.

Product Information Screens

The information platform is able to deliver product data, pricing and even application video to electronic information screens
in product displays. These screens can be static, or include touchscreen technology to allow customers to interact with the
information. If the store operates a discount scheme, QR code readers, magnetic strip readers, or keyboards can be included
so that customers can identify themselves before the point-of-purchase.

The screens can also be used to encourage cross sell and upsell, by means of leading a customer along the shelf, for example,
to the comparison (and higher value) product.

The retail information feeds can also be accessed, passively, by mobile and PC apps, riding a consistent user experience and
enhanced sales opportunities.

Retail Sales Management

The Kertoa Retail Management™ module can also link to the retailers own data systems, providing access to stock levels
and movement; dynamic pricing and links to price comparison providers to monitor and adjust as required.

In accordance with our data management and security policies, these systems are all kept independent from outside
influences us keeping them safe from hackers and any external influences.


The system should also double up to provide a means of communicating verbally with the central control – RITA™ (Retail Intelligent Trading Activity™) – by the microphones and speakers set in each workstation, room or zone. If there is an emergency, the system can also use the entertainment network to communicate, inform and guide staff and customers out of harm’s way.

Using the DOMIS™ module, the infotainment system can also switch devices off when no longer in use, and completely shutting down, where applicable, devices that are expected to be off for some time.

Business Systems are just as important in the public sector as they are in the private. These include CRM, transactions and communications. These systems must be kept independent from other systems, using the SEMI™ and Maru Security Net™, to isolate key systems from publicly accessible internet systems. Our solution allows officials to segment, isolate and encrypt data, allowing only single feeds to authorized personnel/workstations.

Other Information Management And Control

As with other systems operated through RITA™, the information and entertainment systems can manage a separate public Wi-Fi, and device management – switching unwanted devices off, and predicting when devices would again be needed to switch them on.


An intelligent infotainment system will also learn your preferences, for example favorite information sources and feeds, or music genres (for entertainment). It will then be able to recommend similar information to you if required. There are already systems that can do this, but few are fully integrated with other smart business systems.

The KlugTech system uses our Jnaana Intelligence Engine™ to provide ambient intelligence (AmI) and artificial intelligence (AI) to help the system learn and understand your preferences and needs in terms of entertainment and information.

We also accept that not everyone wants all of their lives controlled by computer, and second-guessing can be somewhat unnerving. Our systems all come with an override option that allows designated members of staff to reset certain actions.

For more information on how the KlugTech solutions can entertain and inform your customers and staff, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.

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