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Smart Retail Solutions

Retail has a wide range of issues that can be resolved using technology. Whilst the complexities of the issues differ, depending
on the type and scale of retail operation, there are some common factors.

The environment in which we shop makes a huge impact on our mood and therefore on our receptiveness to the retailers
offers and stimuli. If for example a food store is too cold, shoppers are less likely to buy ‘summer’ products – like ice cream.
If an electrical store is too bright, sales of television sets may be affected. And of course supermarkets ensure that the smells
from the bakery around the bread section to encourage customers to buy.

The security of a store, especially in relation to pilfering and shoplifting is of vital concern to the retailer, and many of the anti-
theft systems often are susceptible to very simple sidesteps. By using connected, intelligent systems we can use the existing
anti-theft devices to better effect and increase the stock security – both during, and after opening hours.

Kertoa Retail Management™ logoIncreasingly retailers are desperate to learn as much as they can about their customers,
often with loyalty programs. As a result of this database management and security are
of vital importance to the retailer, and in many cases the joining up of all customer
records to provide the customer with a seamless, user-friendly service can leave the
retailer vulnerable if they are hacked. We have seen numerous cases where retailers
have admitted being hacked over the last few years.

The Kertoa Retail Management™ module controls the commercial systems, be it for stores, or malls. The module is flexible
enough to provide a 'shop-in-a-box' solution.

Retailers also use information systems to direct and inform customers. By creating a low-cost electronic signage it is possible
to increase the effectiveness of in-store signs and labels, and reduce the reliance on highly skilled staff within the sales process.
Linking the in-store information systems to mobile apps that the customer is unlikely to use further enhances both the shopping
experience, and potential data collection for the retailer. Our solutions cover the following areas:

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