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KlugTech Security Philosophies

Encryption wheelsWe have built KlugTech on three principle pillars - Security, Usability and the Continuity of Power. In terms of security, we understand that the worst possible outcome would be to find that a glitch or a hacker had locked you in or out of your home or business, or unlocking all your doors, windows and systems.

Security is, or should be, based on five principles:

  • Something you know
  • Something you are
  • Something you do
  • Something you have
  • Somewhere you are (or supposed to be)

Something You Know

This is what we are all used to - usernames, PINs and passwords - the things we know. This is probably the least secure of all security elements as once it is known it leaves access open to a wider audience (probably too wide).

Something You Are

We are increasingly getting used to this element of security - in the form of biometrics - fingerprints, eye-scans (retina and iris), voice prints, etc. These are as near as possible, unique to each individual. They are being used more, especially in accessing mobile devices - iPhones now use finger or thumb prints to access the device. This is currently a simple biometric lock, but this sector is developing constantly.

Something You Do

This is not a universal security element, but some people have a particular habit or tick that is relatively unique. Using this in combination with other security controls can help provide access to systems.

Something You Have

Office workers and students are used to carrying identity cards that allow access - physical and virtual, but also carry data that can be interrogated by people. Using RFID or NFC links, devices (dongles, mobile phones, etc.) - the owner can confirm their identity. Of course, anything you have can be taken, so this can only be part of a security policy. Recent developments have also put microchips into employee's hands to allow access, in the same way that we have be micro-chipping pets for years. This is not transferable, but possibly a little too intrusive for many.

Somewhere You Are

Allow your smart system to link to your diary means that it know if you are planning to be at home at a certain time, or travelling to a particular location. This means that anyone trying to access your property or systems outside of this is likely to be fraudulent. For example - we have had cases of large companies 'losing' millions of customer accounts because one employee has maliciously or unwittingly provided fraudsters/hackers with access to the systems. If that employee was supposed to be on vacation at the time, the system should have locked them out!

KlugTech is using this commonsense to develop complex security protocols, incorporating multiple elements of the five principles listed. These security protocols are used in all our system innovations.

For more information on our security solutions, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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