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KlugTech - About Us

KlugTech logoKlugTech was co-founded by digital marketing pioneer, Prof. Thom Poole. Having worked in a range of high-tech companies, working with a wide range of bleeding edge technologies, Thom was concerned that the lack of usability and lack of security could kill the Internet of Things (IoT) before people could really see the benefits it could bring. The other co-founders have since moved on to other opportunities, leaving Thom to build KlugTech.

The name ‘KlugTech’ is a mixture of English and German – ‘Klug’ mean ‘clever’ or ‘smart’ in German, and ‘Tech’ is a common abbreviation of the English word technology.

By targeting the problem areas, and incorporating existing technologies, KlugTech hope to open this market up to even the most cynical user. We are not keen on allowing your refrigerator to send out millions of spam messages (as has recently been reported), nor do we expect our users to fill their smartphones up with hundreds of apps to control a single element of their life.

As technology has become more complex, it has alienated many parts of society, functionality and convenience has increased, but only for those prepared to ‘program’ their devices. We believe that the complexity should be our problem, creating systems that do what the customers want and need, but that are simple to operate. For us, it is not about the technology per se, rather about the people using our technology. 

Connected Means Connected

For us, connected living means just that. You press a button and a number of things happen, either as a result of a predefined process, or through intelligent correlation. This means that you just need to think about it once - when we set it all up - then the system will learn your preferences and provide you with more time to do what you want to do, when you want to do it, how and with whom…

A big differentiator between the KlugTech solutions and those of many of our competitors is that we value your privacy and look to enhance your living, working and play space. Others will capture data about which breakfast cereals you prefer, where you shop or what TV programs you watch. This none of our business – our systems should be seen as you confidential ‘butler’.

KlugTech are joining the dots of the technological world so that you don’t have to.

The Business

KlugTech has been created to cater for ten sectors, so we split the business into divsions according to these sectors:

KT Domestic logo KT Enterprise logo
KT Healthcare logo KT Transport logo
KT Public Sector logo KT Retail logo
KT Smart City logo KT Education logo
KT Agriculture logo KT Entertainment logo

In addition to these market sectors, we also have the KlugTech R&D Division and KlugTech Trading Division.



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