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Photovoltaic LCD Window Blind Unit™ (PhoB™)

PhoB™ logoThis is the power generation solutions created by KlugTech for generating electricity through your windows, and assisting your HVAC in regulating the temperature of your rooms and work spaces. Using existing technologies, we have developed an environmentally friendly power generation method using what nearly every building has – windows. Our systems cover the standard sizes of window units, but contact us for any bespoke requirements.

Window overlooking the sea 

Windowpanes can already be manufactured to generate a trickle of power, but many are unstable with high failure rates. The windows are only dual functional (power generators and transparent protection from the elements). The PhoB™ adds an LCD film to the unit to act as a blind, aiding the climate control of the rooms – with the added benefit of providing nighttime security and blackout shading.


We have devised a method to safely capture and store the power required to assist the blinds and HVAC, economically to then be used by the window and climatic systems, or to be returned to the rest of the system, reducing costs.


For more information on the PhoB™ and its benefits for your installation, contact us today - please select your local KlugTech office or distributor.


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