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Teho Power Management™

The Teho Power Management™ system for all IoT installations allows the central controller - in our case the EMAH™ - to monitor power supply and usage by all devices, reducing supply to devices that are running at maximum when unused, or even switching them off.

Teho Power Management™ logoFor example, a television is left running - the system will assess, based on other readings, if the viewer has left for a comfort break or to fix a cup of tea; or if the viewer is now engaged on some other activity. Similarly, lighting will be turned off in uninhabited rooms (unless there is a security or other override to keep it on).

In this way we can manage the environment, reduce costs and extend the life of many of the devices and consumables.

Electrical power lineThe Teho Power Management™ module works on the EMAH™ platform and oversees the power flow. Should the network experience a power outage, the Teho Power Management™ module will switch to back-up power, and start to switch non-essential and power hungry equipment off. Should the outage continue, back-up generators would be engaged (if included in the installation).

Linking the Teho Power Management™ module to systems such as the Device Optimization and Management Interactive System™ (DOMIS™) and Tiger Energy Management™ solutions optimize the power usage, reducing waste and thus improving the economy of the energy network.

The Teho Power Management™ system is installed with a control unit and comes in five varieties, based on the size of the installation:

  • Teho Power Management μ™ - for micro installations
  • Teho Power Management Standard™ installation
  • Teho Power Management h™ - large installation solution
  • Teho Power Management k™ - for extra large installations
  • Teho Power Management M™ - for mammoth installations

Power will always be supplied to the systems highlighted as vital to the installation, including the safety and security systems - controlled by the Maru Security Net™.

The name 'teho' means 'power' in Finnish.

For more information on how KlugTech can help your smart power management, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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