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Mamoru Biometric Pistol™

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At KlugTech, we are not keen on firearms or the use of violent methods, but we are keen to make sure that the technologies we are developing are as useful as possible, and if we must have firearms in our lives, we would prefer them to be used by authorized and reliable people.


As such, we have developed a pistol that uses a number of security measures - the Mamoru Biometric Pistol™. The target audiences for this product are the police and armed forces, where it is vital that weapons are in the hands of the trained professionals provided to them, and to ensure they are not of any use if they fall into the wrong hands.


The product comes in two parts, a firearm that uses a 'fire-by-wire' system and biometric (and other) security systems. The other part is a docking station that recharges the weapon, and provides a means of pairing the weapon with the user.


The word we have used is an abbreviated form of 'mamoru' meaning 'protect' in Japanese, and we believe that by limiting its usage, it will help protect the freedom of the people it serves. The product is under development with a patent applied for, so we are unable to provide more details. For information in the meantime, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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