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LoPoMiN™ Network

LoPoMiN™ logoWireless systems use radio signals at different frequencies. Data is communicated between nodes via a transceiver or router. Microwave frequencies are between 300MHz (0.3GHz) and 300GHz.


Electromagnetic frequency spectrum is as follows:

  • AM Radio - 500 - 1500 kHz
  • SW Radio - 1.605 - 54 MHz
  • TV and FM Radio - 54 - 1600 MHz
  • Cellular Telephone - 824.04 - 848.97 MHz
  • Radar and Microwave - 1.6 - 30 GHz
  • Telemetry - 30 - 300 GHz

Data dish aerial

Microwave transmissions operate on a frequency of 1.0 to 300 GHz and can be focused into a narrow beam without interfering with neighboring 'beams'. These beams regularly carry data to orbiting satellites, so distance is not a problem, so long as there is line of sight. The curvature of the earth limits the distance at ground level.


KlugTech has developed the LoPoMiN™ initially for geographically dispersed installations such as multi-site companies or universities, and for agricultural installations. It can also be useful for smart cities, although it is likely to be a more expensive option, given the prevalence of cabling within urban areas.


The LoPoMiN™ solution comes as separate transceiver unit and a data module that prepares the data for transmission.


For information about the LoPoMiN™, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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