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Giò Personal Information Manager™

Giò PIM™ logoA key element in the security of property and systems is knowing which of the authorized users should be allowed access at any particular time. There are many very good Personal Information Manager (PIM) systems available, as so long as they can be secured, it is possible to connect them directly. Alternatively, APIs can be used to link other PIM solutions for bespoke smart installation.


WallcalendarKlugTech has developed a PIM - the Giò Personal Information Manager™ that allows authorized users to schedule their whereabouts and thus confirm their ability to access a system. In an office, a worker may have access to the enterprise CRM system in the course of their work. However, this access is only needed during working hours, and only when the person is at work (i.e. not on vacation). If your car is part of your smart network, the system will know you are supposed to be in a meeting between 11am and 12pm - so any access to your car will be seen as being unauthorized, and will be disabled.


The Giò Personal Information Manager™ is available as a full-blown PIM system, and as an API link to established systems, or to link to a person’s corporate system. The word 'Giò' originally comes from the Vietnamese word for 'hours'.


For information about the Giò Personal Information Manager™, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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