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Anturi Multisensors™

Anturi Multisensor™ logoTo assist in the monitoring and control of environments, KlugTech has developed a series of sensors – called the Anturi Multisensors™. The name 'anturi' comes from the Finnish word for 'sensor'.

We have designed our sensors to draw minimal power, and to be able to use the safest, fastest communications methods – so we have developed cabled and wireless units, wired and battery powered.

The Anturi Multisensors™ Range

The Anturi Multisensors™ available for our installations are as follows:

  • Anturi CC1 Multisensor™ - Climate cabled sensor
  • Anturi CW1 Multisensor™ - Climate wireless sensor
  • Anturi CO1 Multisensor™ - Climate optical switched sensor
  • Anturi MC1 Multisensor™ - Movement cabled sensor
  • Light sensorAnturi MW1 Multisensor™ - Movement wireless sensor
  • Anturi MO1 Multisensor™ - Movement optical-switched sensor
  • Anturi RC1 Multisensor™ - Monitoring cabled sensor
  • Anturi RW1 Multisensor™ - Monitoring wireless sensor
  • Anturi RO1 Multisensor™ - Monitoring optical-switched sensor
  • Anturi FC1 Multisensor™ - Full system cabled sensor
  • Anturi FW1 Multisensor™ - Full system wireless sensor
  • Anturi FO1 Multisensor™ - Full system optical-switched sensor
  • Anturi EC1 Multisensor™ - External cabled sensor
  • Anturi EW1 Multisensor™ - External wireless sensor
  • Anturi EO1 Multisensor™ - External optical-switched sensor
  • Anturi SC1 Multisensor™ - Small cabled sensor
  • Anturi SW1 Multisensor™ - Small wireless sensor
  • Anturi SO1 Multisensor™ - Small optical-switched sensor
  • Anturi XC1 Multisensor™ - Maxi cabled sensor
  • Anturi XW1 Multisensor™ - Maxi wireless sensor
  • Anturi XO1 Multisensor™ - Maxi optical-switched sensor
  • Anturi WC1 Water Sensor™ - Water cabled sensor
  • Anturi WW1 Water Sensor™ - Water wireless sensor
  • Anturi WO1 Water Sensor™ - Water optical switched cable
  • Anturi AS Slave Sensor™ - Slave units
  • Anturi MAS Mini Slave Sensor™ - small slave units
  • Anturi EAS External Slave Sensor™ - Slave unit for external use
  • Anturi Portable Sensor™ - Portable connected sensor unit

All these sensors can be mixed for the particular application and environmental requirements. The full system sensors include cameras, IR sensors.

For more information about our sensor range, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.

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