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KT-Kaschta™ System

KT-Kaschta™ logoWe have seen delivery boxes in the past, providing a secure option for deliveries to your home or office. Delivery people can access the box to leave parcels when the property is unattended. Anyone with a key, however, would have access to the box, which is why we have developed a system that is both integrated with the wider EMAH™ platform and can connect to your connected mobile devices.


Berlin postal bicycleThe KT-Kaschta™ system is named after the German dialect word for box - Kasten - and combines a timed or remote access lock with a camera and weight/movement monitor. This means that a delivery can be accepted and seen remotely, and subsequent attempts to access the box can be thwarted - the person trying to gain access being filmed throughout.


The KT-Kaschta™ system can be set up and operated without the rest of the KlugTech system, although it is best integrated.


We offer four different sizes, in a range of colors:

  • KT-Kaschta 2™ - the 2 liter box, ideal for indoor safe storage
  • KT-Kaschta 5™ - the 5 liter box, for most domestic delivery needs, and larger indoor safe storage
  • KT-Kaschta 10™ - the 10 liter box, ideal for parcel deliveries
  • KT-Kaschta 20™ - the 20 liter box, designed for most small business delivery needs


In addition to the standard boxes, we are developing the same range in firesafe formats for use as more secure safe storage. For more information about these two ranges, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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