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Ichos Privacy Barrier™

Ichos Privacy Barrier™ logoIt is not just the gadget from movies; listening devices are real and are used, especially in industrial espionage. Part of the KlugTech technology solution is to provide customers with a means to obscure speech.

 Ichos Privacy Barrier™ solution diagram

By using directional sound waves, we have created a 'wall of sound' that creates a barrier from listening devices (protection from electronic bugs is not included). The name 'ìchos' comes from the Greek word for 'sound'.


The Ichos Privacy Barrier™ creates a patchwork of jumbled sounds that help obscure the conversations being held just meters away, without affecting the understanding of the parties involved in the conversation. This doesn't prevent anyone from lip reading, but they cannot listen to the conversation.


The solution comes in two variants, each with a control unit that takes random sound feeds - from TV, radio and music servers:

  • Ichos Privacy Barrier™ for internal installations
  • Ichos Privacy Barrier™ for exterior installations


The primary use of the Ichos Privacy Barrier™ will be for enterprise customers, but it is possible that enterprise leaders will want the system in their domestic installations, in case of eavesdropping in potentially less secure environments.


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