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Tasa Payment Security™ Module

Tasa Payment Security™ logoThere are many payment systems available for a variety of purposes. Whilst we do not create the payment gateways, we have developed an end-to-end, secure system that allows your systems to pay where necessary, and for retailers, to accept payment securely, with payer verification.

The name 'tasa' means 'levy' in Basque, and has been developed to manage the security of payments, linked to traditional payment gateways.

The Payer

Fan of EurosSystems such as the Gadi Vehicle Control™ link to a payment source, such as a credit card, to allow the system to pay for parking and tolls. As we have concentrated our efforts to ensure that our systems are secure, we make sure that only the authorized user can make payments, even if a third party is driving the vehicle at the time (unless the system is authorized to allow payment).

The Tasa Payment Security™ module also allows a user to put limits on the amount that they are prepared to pay for parking, telling the vehicle system to search for parking option at the level or below.

The Payee

Companies using the Tasa Payment Security™ module will use it to add a layer of security to the transaction. Using feeds from CCTV and sensors, the Tasa Payment Security™ module adds pictures of the payer to the record, providing police and fraud investigators with additional information. If a customer is part of a CRM system (a loyalty program, etc.), there may already be identifying information about the customer on record - confirming their identity and link to the payment source - credit or debit card.

For more information on the KlugTech security solutions, including the Tasa Payment Security™ module, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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