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Sentinel Shield™ System

Sentinel Shield™ logoA major element of keeping an area secure is controlling the access, allowing only authorized people to pass. In certain areas this can be difficult as some buildings, or areas must be publically accessible.

Coldstream guards 

The KlugTech Sentinel Shield™ system is a tracking and control system to limit access to those areas that you want kept private, and to monitor the movements of people in more public areas. The Sentinel Shield™ system can be incorporated into the fabric of the building/area, or stand like sentinels at doorways – or a combination of these two.


Using sensors, RFID tags, facial recognition and portable devices, the sentinel can assess whether the person is authorized to enter certain areas – be they your domestic property, a corporate server room or hospital hazard zone. Depending on how it is set up, it can alert security to intercept the person, or can block the access.


To avoid staff being forced to accompany unauthorized ‘guests’ through the Sentinel Shield™ system, cameras and sensors can also monitor multiple movements and facial expressions, again to alert security or block access.


For more information on the KlugTech security solutions, including the Sentinel Shield™ system, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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