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Shishi Data Management™ Module

The Shishi Data Management™ module has been designed to segment and encrypt your customer databases. It is currently being tested with major CRM systems to ensure it can work with them all.


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'Shíshì' is the Chinese word for 'facts' and was chosen as the name for this module as it is designed to keep your facts safe.


Close up of the inside of a hard diskThe module works in two ways. By segmenting the database, no single security breach can harvest all the information, and encryption tools ensure that the data is virtually useless if harvested. In many cases companies record more information than they need for the day-to-day running of their business, but even the data they do hold does not need to stored together – who says that the customer name must be held with the customer address, email address or payment details? The systems works hand-in-hand with KlugTech's proprietary Swiss Knot™ module.


The other use of this module is the controlled access of the data – at present – many CRM systems allow a single user access to the whole database. Why? Not even the top marketer needs this access. CRM platforms are good at amalgamating data to demonstrate trends or to establish viable groups of customers, but no one needs the details. The Shishi Data Management™ module limits detail account access to a single record at any one time. For business purposes, this is sufficient to deal with an individual, for campaigns, etc., a marketer can create a list with relevant information only, and for hackers, one account at a time is too tedious.


For more information about the KlugTech security solutions, and about the Shishi Data Management™ module in particular, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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