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Qasa Protection System™

Qasa Protection System™ logoSecurity is only one part of the protection system for a property of system. In recognition of this, KlugTech has developed a property protection system for buildings and vehicles called the Qasa Protection System™.


The word 'qasa' comes from the Somali language and means 'confuse', to 'beat' or 'conquer'. We chose this name as the system is designed to confuse and disorientate unauthorized access.

Gaol bars


Combined with the sensors in and around a property, the Qasa Protection System™ uses a combination of lights, sounds and a traceable liquid spray. The lights and sounds are designed to disorientate and guide the assailant out of the property, whilst the traceable liquid means that the police can find the assailants later.


We have developed different variants of the Qasa Protection System™, all controlled by a central controller, linked to the security sensors and SEMI™ module:

  • Qasa Mini Protection System™ - primarily for vehicle installations
  • Qasa Protection System™ module


Due to legislation in many countries, each property must be clearly labeled to warn would-be assailants of the dangers they are entering into.


For more information on the KlugTech security solutions or the Qasa Protection System™ module in particular, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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