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BloodhoundBloodhound Equipment Tracker™ Module

Bloodhound Equipment Tracker logoUnfortunately we do live in a age where organised theft is widespread, especially from hospitals, schools or factories. Using connected devices, sensors and tags, we have developed a solution called the Bloodhound Equipment Tracker™. We originally focused our product on the healthcare sector because the financial losses appear greatest here, but as the module links easily to all KlugTech control systems, it has been extended as a solution for all installations.

Using a mixture of RFID and NFC tags, sensors and monitors, the Bloodhound Equipment Tracker™ module monitors, tracks and warns staff of equipment that is out of place, or moving into unusual locations. Linking this module to the security and access tools, would-be thieves can be channelled so that security resources can be positioned to stop the equipment leaving the premises, and the thieves apprehended before they leave.

The versatile Bloodhound Equipment Tracker™ has received minor modifications to make it available for applications in:

The Bloodhound Equipment Tracker™ can also be used in the other applications we cover, but many of these will use some form of the installations listed above. The system comprises of a control systems with a dashboard, sensors and tracking tags. Replacement/addition sensors and tags are also available to allow you to extend the system or replace the elements that are 'consumed'.

In addition to the static installations, the Bloodhound Equipment Tracker™ has also been created as a portable system, for use at trade shows and exhibitions for businesses, and for parents wanting to protect their children, for example, on vacation, or in crowds.

As the Bloodhound Equipment Tracker™ module is under development with a patent applied for, so we are unable to provide more information at present. For information, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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