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Reo Encryption Algorithms™

Reo Encryption Algorithms™ logoThe Reo Encryption Algorithms™ provide the security algorithms that allow the modules to communicate securely – Human-to-Machine (H2M) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M). One of the main drivers in the KlugTech philosophy is to ensure secure connectivity in this modern age – something that we feel many vendors have ignored for too long.

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We have developed an algorithm framework that uses dialects to communicate. In this way, each connection can be bespoke, adding to the security. Coupled with the Maru Security Net™ and Toka System Handshake™ modules, we can secure your systems and reduce the risk of hacking.


The philosophy we have developed for this enters around the fact that using a number of different dialects, used randomly in each installation, we can improve the security of our systems. Keeping the decryption and encryption algorithms secure, and away from prying eyes is vital, and the responsibility of another module. The Reo Encryption Algorithm™ keeps the communications between the modules in conjunction with the Toka Systems Handshake™.


'Reo' is the Maori word for 'dialect', and part of our larger security solutions portfolio, including SEMI™ (Security and Environmental Management Intelligence™), Maru Security Net™, Bouvier Access Control™ module, Shishi Data Management™ module and Sentinel Shield™ system.


For more information on our security solutions, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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