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Maru Security Net™

Maru Security Net™ logoThe Maru Security Net™ is part of the SEMI™ system by KlugTech. The system is designed to isolate the vital habitat, vehicle and enterprise systems from external interference by providing an almost human-like interface with the internet. This includes the interactivity with registered users to inform them of system settings and monitored activities - within the habitat and remotely.


Using KlugTech's CERIS™ interface, registered users can communicate with the EMAH™ securely, adjusting certain allowable elements such as physical access, deliveries, camera movement, etc. The Maru Security Net™ is a layer that provides a secure interface between the security systems (SEMI™) and the user interface (CERIS™).

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The word 'maru' comes from the Maori language and means 'security'.


The Maru Security Net™ does not limit itself to physical access, but also includes controlling and monitoring access to data and servers, including the KlugTech operating systems. The system is used in conjunction with other security solutions, including the SEMI™, the Reo Encryption Algorithms™, the Bouvier Access Control™ module, the Shishi Data Management™ module and Sentinel Shield™ system.


For more information on how the KlugTech security solution can benefit your installations, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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