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Security and Environmental Management Intelligence™ (SEMI™)

The Security and Environmental Management Intelligence™ (SEMI™) is the KlugTech system that monitors and controls the safety and security of the premises. It links to the registered users via the CERIS™ (Controlled Environmental Reactive Interface System™), so that the system can provide updates in-premises and remotely.

The SEMI™ links securely to the following systems:
Alarms: local sirens, lights and marking systems; remote notifications and proactive defense systems designed to scare would-be intruders off.

SEMI™ logoLighting Systems: security lighting; safety lighting (such as emergency illumination) and 'habitation' lighting, set to make an uninhabited space look lived in.

Intruder Prevention: proactive defenses to scare off intruders; alarms and fences (physical, laser, sensors and electronic tripwires)

Habitation: monitors rooms with ultrasound and PIR sensors to switch lights and environmental controls on or off, and compares human (or pet - in the domestic setting) activity with forecast movements - linking to the PIM

Cameras: CCTV and Infrared cameras monitor key areas, with anti-tamper alarms if applicable

Disaster Prevention: monitors all the systems to ensure that environmental issues do not compromise the safety and security of the inhabitants of the premises.

KlugTech has developed solutions such as the Sentinel Shield™ system and Bouvier Access Control™ module to monitor and control the movement of people (and machines) in a physical environment – all linked securely with the SEMI™ platform.

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Data Security

An important element of the SEMI™ platform is the security of the computing systems. The EMAH™ controls the entire habitat and is protected from external influences by the Maru Security Net™. This is also employed in enterprise installations, protecting the important business data - such as CRM databases and financial/transactional systems. We have developed the Shishi Data Management™ to create and manage secure databases, further secured by the Reo Encryption Algorithms™ for communications, assisted by the Toka System Handshake™ interface.

The Maru Security Net™ limits the interactivity with the Internet, creating a 'human-like' interface whereby programming/reprogramming is prevented. This means that no external, unauthorized system can gain access to take over or influence systems, or to remove valuable data. Within the premises we have a system that can control access to the wider Internet, via the Chuta Access Control™, limiting access to particular sites, at certain times or in particular locations/zones.

For more information on how KlugTech can help with your data security, contact us today - please select your local office or distributor.


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